It Can Be Done!

It Can Be Done!

I still have to meet someone who doesn’t want to be healthy, or, at least healthier. I also want to meet someone who doesn’t want to look good. (I met, of course, a lot of men and women who confessed they did not give a rat’s ass about how they look, but upon some use of CIA-technique interrogation, they confessed the horrible truth: they were human too! Apart from the initial shock, the eternal conclusion remains valid — looking better and feeling better have quite an impact on one’s overall quality of life!

I was born in communist Romania during the dictatorship of Nicolae Ceausescu. And if that were not bad enough, I was also born with a ‘minor’ heart condition.

From the age of 4 to 14, I was on heart medication and had full checkups every year. Like every other decent communist, I was always only told what I COULD NOT do. Any form of physical exercise was forbidden in my case because of my heart.

At age 15, the local doctor/nurse office provided me with a note stating I was “severely physically disharmonious”. I was supposed to give that paper to my parents because I was applying to enter a famous local high school. I destroyed the paper and never talked about it…until today.

After becoming an adult and winning a couple of beauty contests and doing some modeling on three continents, my “severely disharmonious body” refused to show signs of aging. No fat, no cellulitis, no sagging. I fell under the scrutiny of my peers who suspected genetic foul play.

After being checked by several American and European doctors, one told me, “You are the woman that all the women hate.”  As a person who loves people and considers ‘other’ women as an extension of herself, I didn’t like the sound of that, so I asked for an explanation.

The doctor explained that I had genetics that helped me eat and not exercise and do whatever — without getting fat.  She said I was way underweight by traditional medical standards, but, strangely enough, all my tests proved I had the “health of an airplane pilot.”

YET, aging is aging and while piling up on my very favorite pizza, Dominos, chocolate and hours and hours of studying and book writing, it turned out I was developing fat around the waist and developed debilitating back and right shoulder pain.

Soon, migraines followed and shortness of breath, asthma, and other ‘old people conditions’. Well, to keep a long story short, after numerous doctor visits, physical therapy, massage therapy, stretching, working out with a trainer, hitting the gym, attempting yoga, meditation, Zen practice…you name it…I came across ‘4 seasons Training Method’.  Simply put, it is a systematic approach to overall wellness.

Pain? Waist fat? Foggy mind? Shortness of breath? Not anymore. Future fitness model? Absolutely on my way there. Feeling 20 years younger, looking 5 years younger. Remember, we still have to have realistic expectations, yet, this training system, has far exceeded all of my highest hopes!
Thank you Elin Kanchev!